Thursday, July 31, 2008


I will always be there for you no matter what.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


School today was extremely fun. It's one of the best day ever in school. It's a Saturday and I thought it would be really boring today, but I was wrong. I went to school at 12.15 and only a few people was there at that time. So, I talked to Suraj for awhile while waiting for Joey to come. Then at last, Joey came with Rissara. Rissara was really happy because her dad bought a new car. So then, I went with Joey and Rissara. We walked out of school and bought BubbleTea. We were having a hard time thinking whether to buy it or not because it was already 12.25 at that time. Few more minutes and the school bell will ring. But, we ended up buying it anyways. :)
So we drank and drank and when half way walking into school, the bell rang. And we were like, "Just in time."

After that, went for duty as usual. After duty, went back to class. BM was boring. Had to write a summary. Geography was boring too. I could just close my eyes and there, I fall asleep. Then during Science, Mr. KuZailan was busy settling a discipline case. So my class waited outside the Science Lab for him, but he didn't show up. And according to our normal school time table, after Science is recess. BUT, we didn't know today's recess was after the sixth period. So, the 2Amanah prefects went for recess and there wasn't anyone in the canteen. When half way eating, a teacher came to the canteen and said "Sekarang belum rehat lagi. Lepas waktu ke-enam baru rehat." And all of us were like, "OHMYGOD" and "OHSHIT". Haha. It was really funny if you were there. But it was embarrassing at the same time. So, we got back to class and did our English work. And after that was the REAL recess time. We went to the canteen again. Then, went for duty. I have to duty at TLKA and it's like the most boring place to duty at. So for the first few minutes of recess I went to duty with Rissara at PDB. We walked to the front door and decided to kawad back to the canteen. When we were half way kawad-ing, a few guys at the Pokok Cemerlang were like "Skuad, berhenti." Lol. So Rissara and I stopped. Weird.

Then after that I went to my duty place. Didn't really duty but just walked here and there and everywhere. Then after recess, I walked with Chen Shen up to his class. So after that I went back to class and it was Mathematics. It was really really boring and I didn't pay any attention at all. Suraj was sitting beside me and Jun Yip infront. I was talking with them the whole time until after school. We were joking and fooling around and laughing sooooo much. I laughed till my stomach hurt so bad and till my tears came out. I was having a really great time with them. And in the end, I didn't do my Maths work when teacher asked to pass it up. So, after school, I walked out of school with Chen Shen and then went back home.

Reached home, ate BREAD , and after that went down to the park with my bro and neighbour. Played badminton and football with them. Then, went to pasar malam to get food. It was raining at that time, so I was walking under the rain the whole time and it was great getting wet. Lol. Got back home and ate and bathed and went online and chat. :)

Okay, I guess that's all for now.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Best Kawan.

iLyJoey. <3

I would just like you to know, that no matter what, I will always be there for you!

And and, don't emo! I will always lend you my shoulder. :D

Thanks for getting me addicted to Secondhand Serenade. Haha.

Thanks for being there for me.

Thanks for everything!

And sorry my blog suck. I don't know what to write. Hehe.


Thursday, July 24, 2008


School exam is around the corner.
Have to study study and study.
Can't use the computer often.
Have to stick to the books.
Damn it.


Today was my piano examination. Woke up at about 9 and practised my piano. At 11.30, left the house and went to KLCC with mummy. First, we went for lunch at A&W. After that went and shopped for awhile. Mummy bought a beach pants from Roxy and a Nike pants. UNFAIR! Then, we walked to Impiana Hotel. Went up to the second floor, and waited in the waiting room. Met Ashiqin and another girl from school. Ashiqin and I were REALLY REALLY NERVOUS. Few minutes later, it was already my turn to go into the examination room. So, I wished Ashiqin Good Luck. My hands were SUPER COLD! I tried to chill, but it was hard. So, I went into the examination room. The examiner was a lady, and she's really nice. Greeted her Good Afternoon and then sat down at the piano. I started playing, and my heart was beating really fast. Scary, indeed. Finished playing, said Thank You and Goodbye to the examiner and went out of the room. Felt so much better after that. But then, I was really worried that I won't pass my exam. Mummy, Benjamin and Priya said I can pass. But, still.

Anyways, after that talked to my piano teacher for awhile and saw Ashiqin coming out from the examination room. Asked her How was it? And she was like Bad! LOL.

Then, walked back to KLCC. Walked a little and then went to Haagen Daaz. Had brownies with ice-cream. Mmmmm.. delicious. :D After eating, we went back home and rest.

That's all for now. Happy birthday to Redza and a belated birthday to Ellisha.

the days feel like years when i'm alone.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Went to Bryan Teh's house yesterday. Yeah, it was really really fun. Especially when there's Joey and Priya. :) Well, most of the time, we were just chit-chatting and hangin' out at the playground. I'm just lazy to write about what happened. If you wanna know, take a look at Priya's blog. I'll just post some pictures of yesterday.

That's all. Bye.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Today, I went for the Siemens Run. Well, I didn't take part in the competition race, I only took part in the Dream Run which is just for fun and also for charity. No medals, no prizes. My dad didn't register me for the competition race because... I don't know the reason. Maybe because this is my first time taking part in a public marathon. So, my dad only registered for the Dream Run. It's was 5 kilometres. My dad, mum, bro and I took part in it. So, I woke up at 6 something in the morning. I was kinda excited about the run.

We left the house at about 6.50 and reached Dataran Merdeka at 7 something. There were sooooo many people there. The race started with the 10km run. Man, that's really really far. After that was the 5km run. I saw a few people from my school. After the 5km run, there was this marathon for the disabled and blind people, and also for orphans. It's only 1km for them. And after that was the Dream Run. Yeah, our turn. Oh yeah, they gave out cards to the Dream Run participants. On the card, they wrote 'I'm running for' and then a blank space down there for us to fill up. People filled up the blank space with many many types of answers like... her, charity, fun, health. And there was this guy, he wrote 'I'm running for next wife.' LOL! Everyone laughed when they saw that.

So, the race started. I wasn't allowed to run too fast because my dad said I HAVE to stay close to my mum. He was like "Don't try to be smart and run alone. After you get lost." But then, half way running, I just left my mum behind. Lol. The marathon was really fun. Many people cheered for the runners in the middle of the marathon. So in the end, I reached the finish line. But too bad, no medals for that category. Sad. So I just waited for my mum, dad and bro to reach. After that, we went to get free milo. Yeah we were very thirsty. It was a really good experience. :) Anyways, after that we went to McDonalds to have our breakfast. My bro suggested that place. UNHEALTHY! Lol! After eating, we went to Ikano.

First, we went to the hardware shop. My dad wanted to buy some stuff. So, me and my bro just walked around the hardware shop while waiting. Then after that, we went to the pet shop. My dad keeps saying he wanted to buy a chipmunk. LOL! But we didn't get one. Then, I went into the music shop. The guy there asked me, in mandarin, whether I learn any musical instruments. So I was like, yeah I learn the piano, in mandarin. Then, he showed me a piano. According to him, the sound of the piano was nice, so he asked me to try playing it. And I had to try it. I just played a song. And yeah, the sound of the piano was good, I guess. After that a lady asked me how was the sound, and I was like, good, it sounds good. She said the price of that piano was reasonable and so on. So, my mum was like "let me think about it first." Lol. Okay, I know my blog sucks. I'm sorry.

Okay, back to the story. After that, we walked to Ikea. My mum wanted to buy curry puff. So, me and my bro got an ice cream each. :) And then, we went back home and I came online.

I'm really really sorry. I'm not the blogging type of person. I know, it sucks.

Here are a few pictures that we took.

Bro. Mum. Me.

Me. Dad.

Me. Mum.

That's all for now. Bye.