Sunday, June 29, 2008


I stayed in Crowne Plaza during the weekends. It was awesome, although I had nothing to do there. My mum, bro and I went to town after my bro's guitar lesson. We took a taxi to the train station and then took a train to town and when we reached town, we took a monorail to the hotel. It was a public-transportation-day for me. Lol. So, when we reached the hotel, we waited for my dad to finish work. After that, we went for dinner at Pavilion. We ate at this restaurant called La Bodega. It's a Spanish restaurant and the food there is DELICIOUS! While waiting for our food, I followed my mum to The Loaf to buy bread for breakfast the next day. After dinner, we went shopping at Pavilion. Didn't buy much actually. Then, we got back to the hotel and slept.

The next morning, my bro and I went swimming while my mum and dad went to the gym. The swimming pool was extremely DEEP so, it was kinda hard to swim. After that, my bro and I went to meet my mum and dad at the gym. The gym room was BIG, but I wasn't allowed to use any of the exercise machines there because I was UNDERAGE. Sad. So, we went back to the room to bath and after that we went for lunch.

After lunch, we walked to KLCC to shop. Yes, shop. Again. We walked and walked and walked around in the shopping mall. It was TIRING! Then, we went to Studio-R and bought a squash racket. At last we bought something. Lol. So, after shopping, we went to Secret Recipe! I was begging my mum and dad to bring me to Secret Recipe for the past few days. Thanks to Joey and Rissara. They keep talking about CAKES in school. It was YUMMY! After that, we walked back to the hotel to take the car. I slept in the car on the way back. I was SO tired. So, when I got home, I finished up my homework and went online.


Spanish rice.
Cake! Take that, Joey and Ris!

Friday, June 27, 2008

open day...

today was open day in my school.. it was kinda fun.. i was hangin out with Mun Chun the whole time.. thanks Mun Chun for teman-ing me! :) okay, i was kinda scared that my mum was coming to take my report card.. because, as you know, i didnt get good results.. and i got a really bad position in class..

when i reached school, there was nobody in the LP, so i was alone there.. then Rajan came and we talk and talk about olahraga.. then, at last Ris came.. so i went to hang out with her.. we walked and walked, and went outside school, and bought a drink.. then we went back in and sat at the pokok cemerlang with Mun Chun.. we talked and talked til we forgotten about meeting.. luckily Ris saw some prefects going up the stairs so we ran to the LP.. so, we went for meeting.. and as usual, it was boring..

so i went duty as usual when the bell rang.. then i went back to class and helped teacher.. there weren't many parents in my class compared to the other classes.. so it was boring.. very boring..
but, luckily Mun Chun duty at 2B.. so i can go talk to him when im bored.. Nishant was dutying with me, so we talked for awhile.. and after that he had to go to the other class.. and i was alone again.. then i helped teacher.. and when i got bored, i walked around the school.. i went to the canteen with Mun Chun for recess.. then after i ate, i hanged out with Mun Chun, Chen Shen and Nic Kee.. it was kinda fun chit chatting with them.. i love them!

then, my mum came at last.. so we went to my class and waited for teacher.. then, it was my mum's turn to meet my class teacher.. and it was.. so.. scary.. teacher talked about my maths results.. and my mum looked at me in that 'scary' look.. then when teacher asked whether im taking my report book back, my mum said "yes, i wanna show her dad".. i was like, "oh damn it" so after that, i went to the car.. and my mum keeps telling me to improve in my studies.. yes, i know, i get it. so when i got home, i started SMSing.. =P