Monday, April 7, 2008


tuition was kinda boring too.. hahah.. so many questions for maths.. and i hate maths.. =)
kinda sad coz... tomorrow no olahraga! T.T it has been cancelled 3 times in a row! wth????
the boys r having football competition tomorrow.. well.. hope RED HOUSE will win.. heheh!
i guess thats all for today.. bye!


today, skool was kinda boring.. lol.. many ppl wasnt in class.. they went bak home after choral speaking.. so good =( and there was perhimpunan.. it was...... sooooo..... damn..... boring.... anyways thts all abt skool.. coz i dunno wat to write.. heheh..

Sunday, April 6, 2008


went to desa parkcity for dinner... ate at one noodle restaurant.. hahah. kinda yummy.. but ate too full =( after tht went to the pet shop.. the doggies were so damn cute! there was a husky! well.. i guess tht's all for today.. sry my blog suck like hell.. first time =)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

can't wait to go olahraga.. and tht will be on tueday. hope it's not cancelled.. its been a week. well.. this time SANDY will be there.. so i wont be the only girl =)

Sunday Jog =)

Jogged at Taman Tun park with mum and bro. Wasnt tiring, quite boring. After tht went for food.. IKANO! but just for awhile..